2020 Leaf Autographed Mini-Helmet Football Hobby Box

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Each Box contains One Autographed Mini-Helmet!

Once again, Leaf is proud to present the return of its ever popular, 2020 Leaf Autographed Football Mini-Helmet Edition. This release has the hottest current stars, killer young rookies, hall of famers and few surprises as well!

Look for names such as:

- Tom Brady
- Walter Payton
- Aaron Rodgers
- Drew Brees
- Tua Tagovailoa
- Peyton Manning
- Dak Prescott
- Emmitt Smith
- Troy Aikman
- Terry Bradshaw
- John Elway
- Russell Wilson
- Ezekiel Elliott
- Jim Brown
- Dan Marino
- Roger Staubach
- Joe Burrow
- Randy Moss

and many, many more!!!

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