We appreciate the support and understanding of our gaming community, and we look forward to getting in-store-play up and running at full capacity soon!

 At this time we have small events with very limited slots.



Magic: Commander Legends Remote Prerelease

Commander Legends – Gameology

Join our Magic Discord Server to participate in this special sealed event.

Friday November 13th at 5pm

Saturday November 14th at 2pm

Sunday November 15th at 3pm

$25 Entry



Vanguard: Storm of the Blue Cavalry Sneak Preview

Vanguard - Storm of the Blue Cavalry - Booster Box - VBT 11 (Nov 2020)

Saturday, November 14th 4:30pm

$20 Entry Fee



 Digimon: Prerelease Special Event

Digimon Card Game will also appear in the West in 2021 -


Saturday, November 28th 3pm



Vanguard: Divine Lightning Radiance Sneak Preview

Cardfight!! Vanguard - Divine Lightning Radiance Booster Pack

Saturday, December 12th 4:30pm

$20 Entry Fee



Dragon Ball Super: Unison Warrior 3 Sneak Preview


Booster Unison Warrior 3 - Dragon Ball Super Card Game (22/01/2021)

Saturday, January 16th 3pm

$25 Entry Fee



 Vanguard: Twinkle Melody Sneak Preview

Cardfight Vanguard: Twinkle Melody Booster Box | Potomac Distribution

Saturday, January 16th 4:30pm

$20 Entry Fee



Thank you all so much for your dedication and understanding.