2021 Panini Legacy Football Hobby Box

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2021 Panini Legacy Football Hobby Box (Presell)

Each Box contains Two Autographs, Two Mini Cards, and Four Chrome Cards!

Featuring Rookie Cards of Trevor Lawrence, Trey Lance, Zach Wilson, Justin Fields, Mac Jones, Kyle Pitts, Ja'Marr Chase, and Travis Etienne!

Fast becoming a hobby favorite, Legacy Football is back in 2021!

Look for the new Decade of Dominance and Generations inserts in 2021. Also be on the lookout for the new Yellow Diamond parallel and exclusive Dare to Tear mini parallels!

Collect the 200-card base set that includes 100 veterans, 40 Legends, and 60 Rookies.

Each box will deliver 2 autos, at least 4 #'d parallels, 2 mini opti-chrome, 4 opti-chrome, 12 inserts, and 32 Rookie Cards!

Look for mini opti-chrome parallels of the Base, Rookies, and Legends sets. Also look for rare Rookies Variations!


BASE: Find 100 of the most collectible players in the NFL! Also, look for rare autograph and mini opti-chrome parallels!

Base Red #'d/299
Base Orange #'d/199
Base Yellow #'d/150
Base Green #'d/100
Base Blue #'d/50
Base Indigo #'d/25
Base Violet #'d/10
Base Black One-of-One
Base Autographs Max #'d/299
Base Red Autographs Max #'d/100
Base Yellow Autographs Max #'d/50
Base Blue Autographs Max #'d/25
Base Violet Autographs Max #'d/10
Base Black Autographs One-of-One

ROOKIES: The top Rookies of the 2021 NFL Draft are included in this 60-card checklist. Look for Premium optichrome, mini opti-chrome, and autographed parallels!

Rookies Red #'d/299
Rookies Orange #'d/199
Rookies Yellow #'d/150
Rookies Green #'d/100
Rookies Blue #'d/50
Rookies Indigo #'d/25
Rookies Violet #'d/10
Rookies Black One-of-One
Rookies Premium Edition
Rookies Premium Edition Silver
Rookies Premium Edition Bronze #'d/100
Rookies Premium Edition Ruby #'d/50
Rookies Premium Edition Sapphire #'d/35
Rookies Premium Edition Yellow Diamond #'d/25
Rookies Premium Edition Diamond #'d/10

LEGENDS: Only Legends make the cut for this checklist. Look for the Autograph Parallels and collect the mini opti-chrome parallels as well!

Legends Red #'d/299
Legends Orange #'d/199
Legends Yellow #'d/150
Legends Green #'d/100
Legends Blue #'d/50
Legends Indigo #'d/25
Legends Violet #'d/10
Legends Black One-of-One
Legends Autographs Max #'d/299
Legends Red Autographs Max #'d/100
Legends Yellow Autographs Max #'d/50
Legends Blue Autographs Max #'d/25
Legends Violet Autographs Max #'d/10
Legends Black Autographs One-of-One

DECADE OF DOMINANCE: A brand new insert to Legacy, Decade of Dominance highlights those players that not only dominated a game, but dominated the NFL for a decade.

Decade of Dominance
Decade of Dominance Green #'d/100
Decade of Dominance Blue #'d/50
Decade of Dominance Indigo #'d/25
Decade of Dominance Violet #'d/10
Decade of Dominance Black One-of-One

UNDER THE LIGHTS: Only the best play Under the Lights. Look for autographed parallels!

Under the Lights
Under the Lights Silver
Under the Lights Bronze #'d/100
Under the Lights Ruby #'d/50
Under the Lights Sapphire #'d/35
Under the Lights Yellow Diamond #'d/25
Under the Lights Diamond #'d/10
Under the Lights Platinum One-of-One
Under the Lights Silver Autographs
Under the Lights Bronze Autographs Max #'d/100
Under the Lights Ruby Autographs Max #'d/50
Under the Lights Sapphire Autographs Max #'d/35
Under the Lights Yellow Diamond Autographs Max #'d/25
Under the Lights Diamond Autographs Max #'d/10
Under the Lights Platinum Autographs One-of-One


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