Legends has been the original place for Magic and collectible card games in Grand Rapids since 1994. For over 25 years we have been serving the gaming community with regular weekly tournaments and events. We promote a fun atmosphere of friendly competition where people of all ages and backgrounds can have experiences that stay with them for a lifetime.

We are now hosting in-store weekly tournaments, and have begun host upcoming events. Please check back frequently to see what we have in store for everyone.

Our selection of singles and supplies ensures you can get whatever you may need for your Pokemon collection, or your gaming needs. You can buy sealed product directly from our online store, and you can view some of our singles selection through our TCGPlayer storefront. We have plenty of items that are not listed. Please call ahead to see what's available.


Annual Membership

Want to help us out right now? You can purchase an annual membership for $9.95!

$9.95 per year gets you the following discounts when we reopen: 

15% off of packs & sealed product 

20% off supplies 

25% off all gaming singles!


Your membership will be valid for 1 year after your visit to our location.