Legends Sports & Games has a variety of options for players who are looking to play remotely in the digital age.


You can join our Yu-Gi-Oh Discord on Thursday nights at 6pm for remote duels. Entry guarantees an OTS pack, and a booster pack of the latest set.

We also host Magic tournaments on Arena. You can join our Magic Discord server and compete in our Standard events at 8pm on Fridays, and Historic at 8pm on Saturdays. Each paid entry ads a standard set pack to the prize pool, and top 3 get promo packs as well.

We also host a myriad of events on our Cardfight!! Vanguard Discord, and we have a Dragon Ball Super event every month.



Yu-Gi-Oh Locals 6pm $5 On Discord

Magic: Standard 8pm $5 On Discord



Vanguard Premium: Alternating Saturday 4:30pm $6 On Discord

Vanguard Standard: 6:30pm $6 On Discord

Magic: Historic 8pm $5 On Discord

Dragonball Super (3rd Saturday): 3pm $5 On Discord



Thank you all so much for your continued dedication and understanding.