Every month, Legends will give away a prize package worth between $500-$1000 to one lucky winner!
To enter, simply purchase any box over $50, fill out an entry form in-store (we'll do it for you online) and you're entered.  

Simple and easy.To win, you MUST be present at the end of our Singles Night event, held on Thursdays  when we draw the winning name.  Once drawn, the winner will have 60 seconds to claim their prize.

If the winner is NOT PRESENT, we'll add at least 2 more items to the prize package and draw again the following week during Singles Night.  We'll repeat this weekly until a winner has been drawn, so be sure to tune in.  We expect the winner to be drawn around 8:30-9:00PM
December 10th Drawing

1 Playoff Hobby Box
1 Mosiac Cello Pack
1 Chronicles Blaster
1 UD Series 1 Tin
1 Alan Trammell BB
1 Gary or Winston Auto
1 Ken Griffey Jr. RC
1 1961 Kaline
1 62 Topps B. Robinson
1 NBA Logo Banner