2023 Upper Deck Marvel Studios What If...? Hobby Box

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Marvel Studios What If...? Hobby Box (Upper Deck 2023)

What If Upper Deck created a set filled with exciting tech cards from multiple UD brands and themed it to the impressive story telling of Marvel Studios' What If...? Season 1?? The outcome is nothing less than stellar and collectors will be taken back by what this set has to offer!

Acetate Cards:

  • Clear Cut Chapter - 81 Card Set following each episode
  • Acetate Originals - 18 Characters Cards


Marvel Masterpieces Battle Spectrum:

  • 2 Characters Battling it out from the series


What If...Zombies?!:

  • Highlighting the Zombie characters of episode 5


Black Diamond:

  • Using designs from the UD Black Diamond - Look for Stone Relic versions also!


Chase Big Hits:

  • Infinty Ultron Die Cut Metal Cards
  • Frozen in Time - Plexi Cards
  • Jambalaya Cards!
  • What If...Zombies?! Glow in the Dark Cards


Pack Hits: (on average)

  • [3] Base Cards
  • [1] UD Flagship Card
  • [1] Clear Cut Chapters
  • [1] Additional Chase Card


Box Hits: (on average)

  • [3] Acetate Originals
  • [1] 1990 Marvel Universe Dimensions Parallel
  • [3] Medallions
  • [2] Watchers Sight Cards
  • [2] Serial Numbered Cards
  • [2-3] Possibilites Parallels


Configuration: 15 Packs per Box, 6 Cards per Pack