Sorry, we've had to temporarily suspend packwars during Covid.


PACK WARS 5:00pm-8:00pm

Last Saturday of each month

                                         EVENT RULES

What is Pack Wars?

Pack Wars can be an exciting family-friendly contest involving trading cards, trivia and auctions for general sports fans and card collectors alike.


How does it work?

There are 26 total rounds: 20 Sports Card Packs, 4 Auctions 2 Trivia Questions 

The 20 Pack rounds involve you opening various packs of cards from different sports trying to match one of your cards to the statistic or challenge put for the by Legends. 

Example: This year we start with 2016 Topps Heritage Baseball. The Legends Host will throw out a statistic to match and the closest someone’s card comes to those stats will win the prize. 

If the stat is home runs leader, the person is searching for a Chris Davis (Orioles), Nelson Cruz (Mariners), or Bryce Harper (Nationals) card.

 Other possible qualifiers include, lowest ERA, most receiving TDs in a career, highest card number, longest name, most rebounds per game average, etc.


How do I enter the Grand Prize drawing?

Each round winner not only gets a prize, but an entry to our grand prize drawings – same for auction winners, who win the item on which they were bidding. Trivia winners also get entered. 

For every 6 (six) Pack round played, that person gets a bonus entry to the Grand Prize Drawing. (Maximum of 3 bonus entries per person)


How are winners chosen?

Winners are chosen at random. Round winners pick a number from our board. Each number corresponds to a different prize on the table, 30 in total. Round winner’s prizes will be announced before the Grand Prize drawing.

The Grand Prize drawing happens when every round winner, trivia winner, and auction winner’s names are put into a bowl/box. We will then add those who qualified for bonus entries from playing multiple pack rounds.

We will draw the Grand Prize first, Autographed Barry Sanders Throwback Oklahoma State Full Size Replica Helmet with inscription Heisman 88. That winner will receive the Grand Prize and the remaining four prizes left on the table.


How do I pay?

Players pay member price on ALL packs. Once the event is over we ask customers to use both the front and BACK register. We will keep track of all purchases, but as a backup we ask that you keep hold of your own sheet at purchase.


Is there an entry fee?

There is NO minimum requirement to join this event. Players can buy packs in any round they choose, bid on any auction item, and join in trivia rounds for free


Is there a Pack Limit?

Yes. The limit this year is 6 (six) packs per player, per round